Better “Oops” than “What if…”

Thanks for joining me!

I want this to be as authentic and personal as possible because it is an internet platform so we can grow together in this culinary journey.

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child


At the end of 2017, I did what everyone does; reflect on what I wanted for the upcoming year and the daunting task of coming up with a resolution. “This year should I make it easy so I can actually complete it?” “What if I make it too difficult and then it just goes to the wayside?” The gears were turning as January 1 approached.

Years prior, I had always told my husband that I wanted to take cooking classes, get better in the kitchen, invest in the tools, read all the books… Are you seeing where I’m headed with this? It has taken me YEARS to get to this point. This moment of sitting in the dark with just the glow of the computer feverishly typing away before the first Tiny Chef wakes. Just like with all goals it all starts with small steps in the right direction, forward.

I am no better than any reader of this blog. My goals are to help start the discussion of getting EXCITED to be in the kitchen again. I feel that passion is lost. Today’s culture has sucked out all the fun of everyday culinary in my opinion. It’s so easy to stop for fast food, order in, or just skip the meal entirely. Even worse, everyone is on some sort of diet that’s full of CAN’T. You can’t have this, you can’t have that. RESTRICTION. RESTRICTION. RESTRICTION. All that negativity makes it hard to stick to a plan but it’s also difficult to get in the kitchen and get excited about what your cooking.


My goals for this blog will be not only to cast the net wide but also to get the conversation deep. I’ve brainstormed some ideas: education, tools, recipes, tips and tricks, and reduce waste. Also, if I can send some coupons and money-saving tips your way I will be posting those as well.

Time: Most recipes or meals will take an hour or less. I will include my “Timer” in each  post, but do keep in mind that I have a very inquisitive Tiny Chef that loves to ask a thousand questions, ask for samples, critique the sample, opens a drawer or two, and then walks out of the kitchen before I can really get back up to my cooking pace.

Recipes: Our family tries to incorporate a Paleo lifestyle 80% or more of the time. This will mean lots of gluten-free goodness, whole foods, rich proteins, bright sauces, AND no processed sugar (or very limited). We do include dairy because cheese is life.

Tools: Right now I am working on becoming an affiliate with some brands that I use consistently so I can bring y’all some savings but also strong recommendations if you choose to invest in some new cookware when you’re ready.

Frequency: With having two Tiny Chef’s in the house my initial goal is going to be two posts a week. Please sign up for the email subscription to get alerts!


I wanted so badly to feel comfortable in the kitchen. The Food Network makes it look so easy. I wanted that calmness; that effortless ease as I gracefully shuffled through the  kitchen managing several dishes at once for the perfectly timed meal. I mean, shoot, those Chefs talk and have full conversations while they cook! My poor family would get cuts and nicks just from the side eye I would throw their way if they distracted me from my marching orders (aka, recipes).

No more of that.

Instead, I reset the mood, tone, and my thinking. What makes you happiest when you’re preparing or waiting for something? Think for a second. When you’re getting ready for date night, or driving in the car and waiting in traffic, what is the ONE thing that can put a smile on your face or lift your spirit. MUSIC!

Get yourself a speaker or small bluetooth speaker like this one on Amazon , and get some jams rolling on your favorite artist or genre. You can also light a candle and I always give the countertop a wipe down before I start. Lastly, I always have a drink nearby, depending on how the Tiny Chefs are that day will determine whats in the cup, haha.

How can you not already be in a better mood? You’ve set the atmosphere in your kitchen from lifeless and intimidating to customized, inviting, and refreshed. Your kitchen wants to HELP you make good, scrumptious, nutritious food.


Thank you again for coming along with me on this journey. I was TERRIBLE in the kitchen when I first started and I’ve become exponentially better in just a short period of time. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone of the same recipes, the same foods, the same grocery list and really start experimenting in the kitchen. Think of your kitchen as a science lab (in a good way), a theatre, a great arena… did I oversell it with the last one? All I’m saying is that food isn’t meant to be boring and it’s not meant to be a tedious habit.

I’m excited to start this adventure with you!

“Comfort is the enemy of progress.” — P.T. Barnum


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  1. Elizabeth Butts says:

    cheese IS life!


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