Paleo-Friendly Fried Deviled Egg

Yes! You read correctly, paleo-friendly fried deviled eggs. This undertaking was inspired by Best Bites recently vlog Buffalo Fried Deviled Eggs.  Since I already knew how to make normal Paleo deviled eggs I wanted to try it out.

Overall, I will be making these again. But there is room for improvement with my current version to take note before you start in your own kitchen.


I would use Ghee next time instead of Avocado oil for the frying medium.  The eggs that were made at the end had a small after taste to them. I think the buttery taste and clean finish of the Ghee would be over the top.

Also, I would add WAY more seasoning than I thought I should’ve to the flour. There was so much more room for flavor.



2 Eggs

Flour Mixture

Deviled Eggs Mixture

xx Hard Boiled Eggs (can you really ever have too many?)

Flour Mixture

1/4 c. Almond Flour

1/4 c. Coconut Flour

2 T. Mustard Powder

2 T. Paprika

2 T. Onion Powder

2. T. Garlic Powder

Deviled Eggs Mixture

2 T. Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo

Mustard Powder (to taste)

Garlic Powder (to taste)

Paprika (to taste)

Salt (pinch)

Pepper (pinch)


Wholesome Cane Sugar (just a sprinkle but it’s my secret ingredient)

Dill, Chives, Bacon, Parsley, look in you fridge and get creative!



1. Grab a small dutch oven or skillet and pour about a half an inch of Avocado Oil into the pan. Bring up Medium heat. Remember, don’t be angry with your food and turn the heat to 10, there’s no need for that.

2. While the oil comes to temperature, do as you normally would taking out the center yolk of the hard boiled egg. Combine all Deviled Egg Mixture ingredients into the bowl and mix. If you like a smooth finish, use your hand mixer or Kitchen Aid. If you like a more rustic style, use a fork.

3. Combine all ingredients for the Flour Mixture in a separate bowl. If you like one ingredient more than another, adjust accordingly.

4. Crack two eggs into their own bowl. Wisk.


5. Make an assembly line. Naked egg> Egg bath> Flour Mixture. REMEMBER: WATER AND OIL ARE NOT FRIENDS. The eggs have a lot of water in them. When laying them into the oil lay them away from you. Do not overcrowd your pan. These brown quickly.

6. Use tongs to take a peek until they get to your desired brownness. Then turn.

7. Plate them onto a paper towel first to get up any oil while they cool.

8. You can be fancy and pipe your Deviled Egg Mixture or just use a spoon to scoop into the yolk cradle.

9. Top with your toppings! Enjoy!


Again, these are best when served almost right away. I would keep it on hand as a recipe when hosting but not when going to someones home.

Please comment with your favorite toppings!





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